Review of Hybrid Bear Mattress

According to the creator of Bear Hybrid Mattress, the company made the hybrid option to provide customers an option rather than sticking with one design. You can now choose between the Bear Mattress along with the Bear Hybrid.

Whereas the Bear Mattress offers you spinal support and cooling relaxation, the Bear Hybrid provides more of a lavish, traditional spring feel alongside exceptional pressure-relieving foams for outstanding sleep caliber and experience.

When choosing an optimal blend of comfort and support arrangement, the Bear Hybrid is your better choice. The handcraft construction of the amazing sleeping companion is acceptable for every type of sleeper.

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Which Types of People Are Acceptable to Bear Hybrid?

This mattress is a good option for people that desire more of a traditional, luxurious mattress texture. The structure offers excellent muscular recovery and relaxation following an eventful day in the field.

The client technology infused in the cover is scientifically verified to boost athletic performance by enhancing muscle recovery during sleep. The technology also reduces heat buildup and boosts airflow for quality sleep.

The medium firmness is acceptable for mild men and women. It is a perfect choice for individuals weighing less than 200 lbs.

Moreover, the client tech used in the construction, moderate firmness, along with the combo of premium foams and individually wrapped coils makes this mattress a perfect choice for back and side sleepers and individuals who attempt to avoid back pain if sleeping.

Who Are Not Acceptable For Bear Hybrid Mattress?

According to the manufacturer, Bear Hybrid is a fantastic option for all types of sleepers, particularly side and back sleepers. However, it may be a suitable choice for heavy people, especially those weighing over 300 pounds.

Considering how the bed's stability is roughly 4.75 to 5.75 out of 10, it may not be what you're looking for if you are heavy. You might not completely sink into the mattress to the point where you run into contact with your bed.

But you may sink just enough to interfere with your own body alignment and movement transfer. You probably don't need to have an aggravation of stress points. Thus, you may want to consider a separate brand using a firmer feel for your significant body. Otherwise, it is your very best bet!

If you're searching for a cheaper version of Bear. You can check this.

If you're interested in finding a similar luxury hybrid mattress, you can reference Dreamcloud or Idle. 


The Bear Hybrid is a unique mattress; not because of its structure, but also because of the premium materials used. It is a hybrid made of foams and coils, and also the construction features more than one million micro coils.

The micro coils are very effective at supplying elegant contouring and push back during sleep. Unlike other low-quality brands, you get more springiness instead of an all foam model that would sink with time.

With this arrangement, you get to bounce right back whenever you press in the mattress. Among the best attributes is the cooling . The combination of springs and heating gel foam delivers superior breathability and comfort, particularly in warmer weather.

The construction features 5 construction layers and it is 14.5-inch thick. The layers are engineered to provide optimum functionality. And the layers are:

Celliant Cover

The first layer is constructed from 2-inch, hand-tufted quilted celliant cover, which can be constructed of proprietary fiber. The cover does a fantastic job of recycling and converting the natural energy of the body to infrared light, which the human body tissues and muscles demand for revitalization.

This boosts pain relief and faster healing. Since you continue to use the mattress, you may experience the more favorable energy and enhanced performance.

The next layer is made from 3-inch keep performance foam, and this is highly breathable and contains adaptive performance. This coating offers complete body support by contouring to your body. It also delivers complete relaxation during sleep.
Gel Memory Foam

The third layer is made from 2-inch gel memory foam. What makes this coating special is its cooling effect. It's nothing like traditional memory foam, because it does not trap heat. Instead, it gives superior cooling seven times over.

As a result, you will have the ability to sleep soundly in all weather conditions.

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Individually Encased Coils

The fourth layer is 2.4-inch thick and it comprises of individually encased coils. The addition of this coil system offers better performance compared to an all-foam bed. The micro-coils are engineered to offer the exceptional luxury feel and ultimate support.

High-Density Support Foam

The fifth layer (bottom) is 5-inch thick and made of high-density foam, which does a great job of strengthening the comfort layers above. This layer also adds lifelong durability. Generally, this coating offers top-of-the-line support for diverse body weights and sizes.

Firmness Scale and Support

About the hardness scale of 0 to 10, the Bear Hybrid is rated at approximately 4.75 to 5.75, which puts the mattress at a medium scale. This hardness degree offers incredible plush that your back and body would definitely love. Averagely, you can rate the bed at 6 out of 10.

The mattress offers exceptional edge support, which reduces sagging and permits you to take a seat towards the borders without falling. The amazing quantity of resistance offered by the advantages allows you to wake up with less joint or hip pain.
Sleep Experience

The combination of top foams and individually wrapped coils give the most lavish and favorable sleep experience. The mattress is designed to adapt to diverse body weight, size, shape along with sleeping style.

The Bear Hybrid is priced and certainly worth the cost. The price ranges from $1,350 to $1,650, which is affordable as much as high-end hybrid mattresses are worried

Warranty, Trial, Shipping

The Bear Hybrid comes with a guarantee of 20 years, which is valid for the initial buyer who immediately bought the mattress from an authorized dealer or the company itself. If you aren't the original purchaser, then you will have to accept any design flaws.

You don't need to speculate or assume the performance of the mattress. Why not believe for yourself? Together with 100 night no-risk trial period, you can sleep on it for 3+ months before you decide whether or not it is a suitable selection for you.

In this period of time, you can test the functioning of the celliant technology, elastic memory foam, cooling gel foam, micro spiral system, and high-density support foam. In this manner, you will reach a verdict that you cannot regret.

The company features free delivery for the reduced forty-eight states, but clients incur charges when the shipment will be to Hawaii and Alaska. The mattress ships in just two to four working days. The approximate amount of days it might take for you to get your merchandise is four to seven days.

The Wrap Up

Sleep better with this wonderful mattress. Unlike conventional mattresses, the Bear Hybrid guarantees a traditional, luxurious feel with its premium foams and individually wrapped coils. Not to mention that the handcrafted structure is an perfect choice for different types of sleepers.

This is probably the only mattress that gives the best of celliant technology. The exclusive design delivers superb all-natural energy which helps to heal your body for unmatched performance, particularly for athletes.

This model is engineered to offer you bounce, body contouring, and a balanced degree of stability. This is the mattress to seek if you're a brand that is dedicated to relieving pressure points and also pain.

All factors considered, the Bear Hybrid is a top quality mattress. Generally, it is softer when compared with the Bear Mattress. However, it's a better choice for brilliant functionality and long-term durability.